Jesus Came To Give You Freedom

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Jesus Christ came to give us freedom.
Freedom From what?
Freedom from whom?

It is for Freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm then do not let yourselves be Burdened again by a yoke of slavery

Galatians 5:1

Freedom From the Power Of Sin

Power of sin is deep inside the men.
We don’t even understand or accept that sin is in us.
If sin is in us, we will behave according to its nature.

Following are some of the different natures of the sin.
Presence of at least one of this nature in a you means you are under the power of sin.

  • Sexual Immorality : Adultery,prostitution,sex between unmarried,homosexual,extramarital sex, pornography
  • Hatred : means hating others even our enemy
  • jealousy : is emotion that someone you have will be taken away by someone else
  • envy : is the emotion that having something that someone else have
  • discord : disagreement or fight
  • fits of rage : uncontrolled anger, violent action
  • selfish ambition :
  • factions: who creates groups, dissensions and provoke others
  • orgies : wild party or rave party excessive drinking and indiscriminate sexual activity
  • drunkenness
  • idolatry : Anything ,money or status or position we give more importance than God,
  • witchcraft
  • greed
  • slander
  • lewdness
  • arrogance
  • folly

These above sinful natures doesn’t belong to the God.
If it doesn’t belong to God then it belongs to the devil.
If it belongs to the devil then the person is under the control of devil.
Now the Good News is, through Christ one can be free from every sin.

Through him everyone who believes is set Free from EVERY sin.

Acts 13:39

Through Christ we get freedom from not just ONE SIN but from EVERY SIN.

Freedom That Jesus Gives You, Makes you a – NEW CREATION

There will be complete change to your SELF when Christ comes to your life. Freedom from the OLD SELF to NEW SELF.

You will never be the same.


In OLD SELF we respond to situations and circumstances based on the messages from our senses.
Many a times after saying or doing something we regret on being did so.

Eg: Anger rises when we hear something. But what we heard may not be true.

In OLD SELF, a person takes decision based on their senses .
From what they see, hear or feel (SENSES).
In OLD SELF Mind is under the control of the senses.
There is No guidance from the Spirit of God.


NEW SELF is your life with Christ.
When Christ makes one Free from sinful nature, that person will become a NEW SELF and NEW CREATION.

With the NEW SELF the decision of a person changes as follows

In NEW SELF, a person doesn’t take decisions just based on senses.
In NEW SELF one takes decision based on the guidance of God’s Spirit, Holy Spirit who lives in their spirit.
Their mind is slave to their spirit.
Body becomes an agent of their mind.
In OLD SELF, person is under the control of the flesh desires.
In NEW SELF, person is under the control of the Spirit.

If anyone in Christ , the new creation has come ; old has gone the new is here

2 Corinthians 5:17

How To Receive This Freedom Through Christ?

God so loved you that he gave his only son to the so that you may not perish but everlasting life

John 3:16

Receive the FREEDOM by turning to Christ by Repentance.

Repentance is change of your heart desire.
You want to change your ways of living.
You accept that you need a change.
You accept that you are a sinner.
Only a repented heart can receive freedom from Christ.
As Christ said new wine cannot be poured to the old wine.

Turn to Christ means
Believe that God sent his only son, Christ to this World
Believe that Christ was crucified for your sins, to gain you freedom.
Believe that Christ rise up from dead and still living for you.

You are one of the unique creations and one of the unique gifts to this world.
You know your value only when you open yourself to your creator.

Can You Live a Life Without Christ?

Of course, You can live a life without Christ.
You can do a lot of things without Christ by fully depending on your body and (mind)soul.
But you will never fulfilled in mind.
You will Never gain complete peace.
You will be on never ending run after the sparkling mirages of this world which is in the form of success, status,money,etc.

A Life With Christ

Christ said you cannot do anything without me.

To have a fulfilling Life, Meaningful Life, Joyful Life, Loveful Life, Peaceful Life,
Fruitful life,Receive Christ NOW and Walk under the guidance of Holy Spirit.

Turn to Christ with this prayer now.

Lord Jesus , I repent for the life i have lived till now.
Knowingly and unknowingly i sinned.
My sinful nature is more than i can even imagine.
I surrender before you completely.
Lord Jesus Christ , I accept you as my savior.
Come to my life.
Help me to live in you.


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