What Is Sin – Easily Explained!

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Most of us believe that we are living a reasonably good life and don’t do any sin like killing or stealing or do any wrong things.
So why should i read this.?

Holy Bible gives the accurate picture of Sin.
This post gives an easy understanding about the sin, identifying it, problem with it and only way to remove it.

1. Sin is in everybody, hereditary , like a diabetes from parents

When a person goes to a doctor to check for diabetes, first question doctor asks –Does your parents got diabetes?
Here doctor knows if that person’s parents have diabetes then he or she must be in greater chance to have diabetes.

But to check whether you have sin or not, no doctor consultation can help or required.
Sin is in everyone and in all, by birth.
It is in everyone, by hereditary. Like diabetes, sin came to us hereditary and all person are born with sin by birth.

2. Sin shows symptoms in us, just like diabetes shows its symptoms in body.

If diabetes is in the body, it will show out from the body through different symptoms or warning signs like Increased thirst, Frequent urination, Extreme hunger, Unexplained weight loss…
We can say that diabetes is showing ITS OWN NATURE out of that person.
In the same way presence of sin in the human flesh shows ITS OWN NATURE out of anyone.
Sin has its own nature or character.
That character shows out through different symptoms. These symptoms person can feel it inside or others can understand.

3. Nature of Sin or its symptoms felt in a person or shown out of a person

Bible gives a complete details and reveals this nature of sin that experience in humans ( Galatians 5:19-21)

  • Hatred : means hating others, even our enemy
  • jealousy : is emotion that someone you have will be taken away by someone else
  • Sexual Immorality : Adultery,prostitution,sex between unmarried,homosexual,extramarital sex, pornography
  • envy : is the emotion that having something that someone else have
  • discord : disagreement or fight
  • fits of rage : uncontrolled anger, violent action
  • selfish ambition :
  • factions: who creates groups, dissensions and provoke others
  • orgies : wild party or rave party excessive drinking and indiscriminate sexual activity
  • drunkenness
  • idolatry : Anything ,money or status or position we give more importance than God,
  • witchcraft: this also includes astrology
  • greed
  • slander
  • lewdness
  • arrogance
  • folly

This above list is incomplete.

When you went through above list you must be very happy. Because you found all problems in your friend or spouse or neighbor but nothing in yours.
That’s human nature.
So look at the list again to find your own sinful nature if any.

It is evident that almost all are in sin, one or other nature of sin is in everyone. Sin in the soul (we can call as mind) is just like sickness in body.
Above symptoms are called ACTS OF FLESH.( Galatians 5:19-21)

4. Problem of Sin in your Current life

No matter how rich you are with money,
No matter how able you are,
How big your house is,
how intelligent,
how self confident,
how successful you are to the world , if ACTS of FLESH comes out from a mind. That mind is HOSTILE TO GOD( Romans 8:7).

Read the above line again.

Mind that is hostile to GOD means that mind must be friendly to DEVIL.
Now you understand why this world is in a mess and under whose control most of the lives are.

If presence of any ACTS of FLESH confirms the presence of sin , it also confirms the control of devil in that person, then that person cannot experience HEAVEN on EARTH.

Of course with the world given methods any can be joyful but that joy blooms for a while. Taking a shot of tequila gives a shout of joy till it gets out of the body.

NO one can experience the God given PEACE, LOVE, JOY which is above all situations and circumstances of life and cannot be replaced with any shots of tequila of this world.

But HAPPY NEWS is that God want you to experience his heaven, because he created you and loves you more than anyone in this world.
God wants to LIVE IN YOU, no matter how worst or how best you have been till this moment.

If God lives in you, a heavenly experience is on your side.
But for God to live in you or manifest in you, Sinful nature to be wiped out from the mind.
It is Just like cleanliness cannot be manifested where cockroaches live,Our Holy God, the creator cannot manifest in Sinful Nature of our Flesh.

Is it possible To come out of Sin?

Can you ask any doctor medicine for Greed or jealousy?
Intelligent humans claim they can send rockets outside to space still cannot find a cure for Greed or jealousy inside !!!

There is no available medicine, no amount of yoga, No breathing techniques,or eating habits can help you to come out of the sinful nature .
Some do charity like giving money to the poor . They give 10 to poor and carry a tickling thoughts in their heart that God will give them 10 million for their charity work or a space in heaven.

Sad News And Happy News

Sad news is that whatever be our effort, it is not sufficient enough to remove our sins.
Happy news is that
we can remove
every nature of the Sin,
every symptoms of it,
every spot of it without any effort and experience the creator’s loveful presence in you.

Oh! How great is to be in the bosom of our father the creator.
How peaceful when we know we have nothing to worry in this world.
The experience of his love and RAIN OF HIS JOY to our hearts.

It is possible only through JESUS CHRIST.

Jesus Christ ??
Many ask why Jesus Christ?
He is the God of Christians.
Why he is required to remove my sins?
and How through HIM?

All answer you can experience (not just find).

“Come Now let us settle the matter” says the Lord.
Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool

Isaiah 1:18

God send Jesus to Take away our sins.
Only through Christ all our sins will be removed.
Through Christ, we become children of God.
Through Christ, God lives in us by Holy Spirit.

How Christ comes to you?
It is just by believing in heart that God send Jesus to earth 2000 yrs ago.
He came to earth and died for all human beings,for each and every one (He Died like a sacrificial animal, like in some customs across the world , blood of animal is shed to achieve some thing, Similarly like a sacrificial animal Christ shed his blood and paid for our sins).
But death couldn’t hold him, God rose him from death after 3 days.


Hard to Believe right?

Firstly, When you believe this truth and repent yourself for your sinful life, accept Christ as your savior(for everything, for every need He guides you), then
Christ come to you and its not just a fact, Its a personal experience to you.
Its a beginning.
It’s an experience to your WHOLE LIFE.
Secondly, When you submit and surrender your life before God in everything then God take control of your life.God start using for mighty things.

What follows is a worry-free, peaceful and a miraculous life.

A Sinless, Miraculous life.

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