What is the Purpose of your Life? How to Know God’s Plan for your life? It’s Easy.

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You might have visited a flower Nursery.
A flower nursery has got all different kinds of plants, it could be flower plants ,bush plants,vegetable plants. To grow these plants they have got different type of pots. some pots are very small to hold small plants like cactus. Some pots are big to hold bush plants.Each pot has its purpose and known only by the nursery owner.
God has created each one of us. There is purpose and meaning to each one of our life. How to know the purpose of our life? Just like the nursery owner who knows the purpose of each pot, Only our creator knows the purpose of our life.

You might be working hard.
But if you are not aligned to the real purpose of your life what God purposed for, You will not find contentment in life and LIFE MEANS STRUGGLE.
If bush plants are placed in small pots, in short time the pot will get break out.

It doesn’t matter how much money you make out of the job,how successful you are before the world, you won’t find peace or find fulfillment if you are not aligned in life to What God purposed for you.

To have a fulfilling life, we should live according to the purpose of GOD for us.

Now How to Know YOUR Purpose of life from God?
One day, few people ask Christ the same question in a different way .

How to do the works that God requires?

Means if we can do the works of God we would be doing his will or his purpose upon us.
Jesus said the answer in few words!!!

Jesus answered,”The work of the God is this : TO BELIEVE IN THE ONE, HE HAS SENT.”

John 6:29

If you want to do the will of God and do his works “Believe in Jesus Christ”.

How it is possible!

How Believing in Jesus leads us to do the works of God?
What happens when we believe?
What is to Believe about Jesus?

To explain more, Jesus compared himself to a bread that we eat daily.
Not like a bread that placed in supermarket, but to a BREAD THAT CAME DOWN FROM HEAVEN
He said

The Bread of GOD is the bread that came from heaven to give life to the WORLD…. IAM THE BREAD OF LIFE… I have come down from heaven…

John 6:33,35,38

A few slices of bread can relieve the hunger of few people temporarily.

Jesus meant he is the ONE PERSON where WHOLE WORLD can approach him as he is life-giving bread came from heaven .

1. One Bread from Heaven take care of all your needs and requirements of Life.
Jesus said ” Iam the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.”
Jesus is giving you a PROMISE to believe in him , trust in him as your provider .
He will take care of ALL YOUR NEEDS of this world.
Today if you are struggling in your life for whatever reasons this promise from Jesus Christ is waiting for you ” I WILL CARE YOU”.
He knows everything about you, just like the nursery owner knows about a pot and its purpose, while a pot doesn’t know its own purpose.
Jesus is calling you by name to take care of you and fill you in such a way that Joy and Peace.

2.This Bread(JESUS)) From Heaven can LIVE IN US!

Every food has its own use when taken inside. While comparing himself to a bread, and Jesus told us to have him like a food – eat and drink him (This only means Believe him).
Jesus said im the Bread of Life came from heaven.
He said Whoever eats this Bread remains in me and I in them.

We eat a food only if we trust that it does good to our body.
So our trust makes a food inside to us.
In the same way, when you trust and believe in Jesus , He comes inside to you and live in you.

3. This Bread(JESUS) from Heaven, that goes inside to you do great works of GOD

Each food we eat has its own nutritious content. We can say it is the character of that food. Eating fish is different from eating chicken. Body builders eat more chicken due to its high protein content . Similarly Jesus has its own character.


When he comes inside and lives inside to a person by believing, He brings out the very will of the God in that person.

It’s an opportunity today you should not miss, trust this heavenly bread, believe in him and do the great purpose of God in this world.

Promises Of Jesus To You

1. “IAM THE BREAD OF LIFE” that came from heaven to give life to the WORLD (John 6:33).
2. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty. (John 6:35).
2. Whoever eats my flesh and blood (whoever believes in me) remains in me and I in them.( John 6:56).
3. I have come down from heaven not to do my will but to do the will of him who sent me ( John 6:38).

Receive and Live in Jesus Christ Today, it will bring a new birth a new beginning to your life.
You can understand and do God’s purpose in this world ONLY THROUGH JESUS CHRIST. 
It would be an effortless life which you cannot boast that you have done something. A blessful and peaceful life . Receive him Today.

How to believe Him? How He will stay inside to us?
Stay Connected Know this great truth. The truth that set you free.

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